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Bomberg After Sales Service

Here you can find everything you need to know about Bomberg Repair

What happens to my watch when it arrives at Bomberg headquarters?

  1. Your package for repair is received at Bomberg headquarters.
  2. Your package is scanned into our system.
  3. A case file and number is generated in our database for your repair request.
  4. Your repair case report is reviewed by a member of our team.
  5. All key information pertaining to your repair request is detailed in the case report.
  6. Your watch is analyzed to determine the exact nature of the repair required.
  7. If the repair requested is covered under the warranty, the repair process begins.
  8. If the request is NOT covered under the warranty, it is sent to the Estimates Department.
  9. Within 5-10 business days you will be notified of the charges pertaining to your watch repair and you will have 30 days from the date of the estimate approval to send payment.
  10. If the payment is not received within 30 days, your watch will be shipped back to you, unrepaired.
  11. As soon as payment is received, your watch is sent to Bomber repair center.
  12. Once at the Bomberg Repair Center the process of repair begins
  13. Once the watch has been repaired, it is water pressure tested. The watch is placed under numerous, rigorous tests to ensure all functions are working properly. Once a watch passes all tests, it is ready to go back home. Repair and quality testing can take up to the industry standard of 90 days.
  14. Your watch is repackaged and shipped back to Bomberg headquarters.
  15. After a satisfactory inspection, the repair is certified.
  16. Your watch is re-packaged with a detail of the completed work.
  17. Your repaired watch is shipped back to you!


About On-Line Repair

  1. What is the warranty policy?
    All Bomberg models come with an automatic 2 year warranty.
  2. What is covered under my warranty?
    From the date of purchase, your warranty covers the servicing of the movement and all its components as well as the dial, markers, hands and water-resistant pressure due to failure or breakdown. The warranty does NOT cover scratches to the crystal, case, metal band, leather, microfiber, or rubber straps or any damage resulting from normal wear and tear.
  3. Do I void my warranty if I take my watch to other than the Bomberg Watch Repair Center?
    Yes. In accordance with the terms of the Bomberg Warranty, only qualified technicians at Bomberg Repair Centers may repair your watch. If another jeweler opens the case-back of the watch, your Bomberg warranty will be voided.
  4. What if my watch is no longer covered under the Bomberg Warranty?
    If your timepiece is no longer covered under the Bomberg warranty and needs to be sent in for repair, you will be required to send your Bomberg to our mainrepair center in miami, Florida: Echidna Distribution, 2601 South Bayshore Drive – Suite 1150 – Miami, FL 33133. Once we receive the timepiece, our technicians will evaluate it and you will receive an estimate with the recommended repair and cost. You have 30 days to approve and pay for the repair or your timepiece will be shipped back to you.
  5.  How do I send in my watch for repair?
    Please ship your Bomberg to the below address and ensure that the timepiece is safely and securely packaged to avoid any damage. Please include the warranty card information even if the timepiece is no longer under warranty.
    Echnida Distribution
    2601 South Bayshore Drive
    Suite 1150
    Miami, FL 33133
  6. What is the repair turn-around time?
    Repair and quality testing can take up to the industry standard of 90 days.

After-Sales Offices


Stenthor S.A
CR 11A # 93-52 oficina 302
+57 1 805 4555


Marzia Morandi
Blend Tower Piazza
Quattro Novembre 7
+39 331 48 20 403


Behbehani Watch
Repair Centre Shop No. 43/44
Kuwait City, Kuwait


Carlos Balderas
La Riviera Panama Sa
La Hora Taller De Relojeria
Calle 50 Autiguo Edificio del HSBC Frente al tower bank


Place Pury 1
Neuchâtel, 2000
+41 32 722 61 80


Taman Shamelin Perkasa Cheras
Kuala Lumpur 56100
+603 9286 1818


A division of Park Lane Partners SA
Rue de la Gare 4
2034 Peseux / NE
+41 (0) 32 557 57 91

USA, Latin America & Caribbean

Echidna Distribution
2601 South Bay Shore Drive
Suite 1150
Miami, Florida 33133